Group Workout


When you exercise your body releases Norepinephrine, Dopamine and Serotonin it is pretty much all the hormones that you need while you are in recovery. Working out has the Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor. Another word you are changing your perspective while you are going thru your recovery and dealing with hardship and stress.


Exercise also been shown to Reduce cravings and use. Decrease the effectiveness of the drugs, thus lowering susceptibility to use and abuse Restore brain cells damaged by intense drug abuse. Produce “neurological rewards” and boost self-esteem, reduce anxiety and stress . Being  physically active also promotes a better sleep Improve thinking and provide a positive outlook. Fill a void, offering structure and routine. Serve as a constructive coping mechanism.

Exercise is one of the integral part of your sobriety. Exercise relieves and reduces stress and anxiety  naturally and positively alters your brain chemistry,  improves your outlook, Builds self confidence, and many more. Doing some kind of physical activity is the bestthing you can do your for your recovery and your life.