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“When I started my journey with Gokhan, I struggled. I could barely finish the workout but left every time encouraged. He would take a keen notice to my body and adjust the workout to make sure I was successful and kept me motivated. He would guide me on my nutrition based on my workout and I was able to lose weight at a steady pace and kept it off. Now- I am motivated more than ever and he continues to push me to better myself and push my body to new boundaries. I cannot wait to achieve my next goal of health! Thank you Gokhan!”


Michael E.  ( 24 Months Sober) 

As Gokhan asked me to share my experiences thus far my mind jumped back to 52 months ago. He asked me to do a pull up on the bar which I could not even do one time. At that point I realized how bad of a shape I was in mentally and physically from years of using drugs and alcohol. After that day I wanted get my life together and was committed to making a change. Fast forward 10 months and I feel stronger and more motivated than ever before. Gokhan has shown me the connection between mind, body and spirit, and how important fitness is as a lifestyle. Thank You Gokhan, your push motivated me every single day 

Adrian S ( 52 Months  Sober) 

Training with Gokhan has played a massively beneficial role in my 3+ years of sobriety. From the get-go, the training sessions were hard and pushed me physically and mentally in a positive way to establish basic strength and empower my mind that I can do anything with effort and perseverance. Early on I learned that in order to feel mentally capable of living a healthy and happy life, I needed to feel physically well and strong. From there I was able to keep building momentum and feel better every single day. Along the way Gokhan helped me improve my diet and empowered with a belief in myself that has translated into a happy and healthy lifestyle that plays a huge role in my success as a person in recovery. I still use Gokhan’s program today and see daily improvements in my mental and physical health


Dominic O. (61 Months  Sober ) 

Gokhan has showed me it’s possible for me not only to get in shape but how to stick with it consistently and to enjoy it as well. He has taught me the importance of how to align the body and mind to grow together through not only workouts but also book recommendations and yoga practices. We share podcast and book recommendations and is always there to answer my questions. He has worked with me closely over the years through ups and downs and has been a mentor and a brother. Being in shape always seemed like a nice idea but I never thought I would actually get to the point I am at today through his help. He is always available for me to talk about anything I may be struggling with and takes a deep interest in my health and recovery. He authentically cares about me and the other people he is working with which makes me want to be accountable to him and always keep improving and pushing my limits. I can’t thank him enough for caring about me in the times I needed it most.

Sam B. 36 Months Sober 

Gokhan’s fitness program has given me structure and feedback that I wasn’t getting on my own. I was getting injuries semi regularly and lifting heavy weights aimlessly. I was doing workouts that were working against the sport that I’m competing in. I’m currently practicing Taekwondoe, and Gokhan has been able to tailor workouts towards making me more explosive and powerful. It’s reassuring knowing that a former record holder athlete is building my workout program, and the results definitely show in how far my athletic ability has come. Gokhan has also helped me realize how important it is for me to take rest days, and structure my workout routine in a way where my muscle groups get the proper amount of stimulation and rest. Gokhan was also the first person to introduce me to weight lifting in early recovery and it’s become a huge part of my life. Working with Gokhan today helps me to remember where I came from, and I’m really grateful for the results that I’m seeing and the life that I have today.--

Joey G 65 Months Sober 

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