“When I started my journey with Gokhan, I struggled. I could barely finish the workout but left every time encouraged. He would take a keen notice to my body and adjust the workout to make sure I was successful and kept me motivated. He would guide me on my nutrition based on my workout and I was able to lose weight at a steady pace and kept it off. Now- I am motivated more than ever and he continues to push me to better myself and push my body to new boundaries. I cannot wait to achieve my next goal of health! Thank you Gokhan!”


Michael E.  ( 24 Months Sober) 

As Gokhan asked me to share my experiences thus far my mind jumped back to 10 months ago. He asked me to do a pull up on the bar which I could not even do one time. At that point I realized how bad of a shape I was in mentally and physically from years of using drugs and alcohol. After that day I wanted get my life together and was committed to making a change. Fast forward 10 months and I feel stronger and more motivated than ever before. Gokhan has shown me the connection between mind, body and spirit, and how important fitness is as a lifestyle. Thank You Gokhan, your push motivated me every single day 

Adrian S ( 19  Months Sober)