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If you have tried so many different Fitness and Nutrition and Recovery Management programs  and none of them you tried in the past  addressed your specific needs then it's time to hire me. 

What do you “get” with my 1-1 Online Individual Coaching?


Simple, EVERYTHING! I will be with you every step of the way for whatever you need, period. Nothing Less 


This includes but is not  limited to

  • Personalized  Nutrition 

  • Custom Build Fitness Plan

  • Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery Methods 

  • Accountability Check-Ins  

  • Mentorship and Learning

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Weekly Face-Time Check-ins 

  • Private ,messaging  and support 

By putting me in your corner as your 1-1 Online Individual Coach, I will work very hard to deliver value across the board for you like you’ve never seen and experienced.


Getting perfect results and building great relationship  with my clients  is what defines me as a coach.

I will be by your side every step of the way. No matter what comes up or happens you will never feel like you are alone and don't know what do to next.  I will be here to offer you my support and guidance . 


Customized plans are solely based on your priorities, situations and what exactly motivates you to workout.


Once our nutrition plans are in place and your training programs are set and scheduled out than you will have a direct  access  to me as your coach for questions.

Just Picture this; You are opening your workout app and see that the training you are about to do is designed and planned just for you. 


Instead of guessing about your form and technique, you can download your videos to your app for your coach to analyze and give feedback and answer your questions.  You may also log your foods, sleep times, and stresses into your app for a few days depending on your goals.


Your coach will be literally in the palm of your hands.

Anything & Everything To Achieve Your Goals


Grilled Chicken Breasts

Want to shed fat and build muscle? 

How about improving your gut health, and feel more confident with your sugar craving and educate yourself about meal preparations ? 


I will NOT be putting you some crash diets nor will I be sending you cookie cutter meal plans. That for sure will set you up for a failure.


I will be coaching your health habits and lifestyle and  upgrade that part of your day and that alone will make  the real change. 


Training it self alone causes great amount of stress to your body. Just like not sleeping enough and work stress that is been bugging you. So instead of "pushing thru" with your workouts, I will take your stress profile to make sure to design the correct plan for you, implement correct recovery plans and  check back with you regularly. 



Gokhan has showed me it’s possible for me not only to get in shape but how to stick with it consistently and to enjoy it as well. He has taught me the importance of how to align the body and mind to grow together through not only workouts but also book recommendations and yoga practices. We share podcast and book recommendations and is always there to answer my questions. He has worked with me closely over the years through ups and downs and has been a mentor and a brother. Being in shape always seemed like a nice idea but I never thought I would actually get to the point I am at today through his help. He is always available for me to talk about anything I may be struggling with and takes a deep interest in my health and recovery. He authentically cares about me and the other people he is working with which makes me want to be accountable to him and always keep improving and pushing my limits. I can’t thank him enough for caring about me in the times I needed it most.

Gokhan’s fitness program has given me structure and feedback that I wasn’t getting on my own. I was getting injuries semi regularly and lifting heavy weights aimlessly.  I was doing workouts that were working against the sport that I’m competing in.  I’m currently practicing Taekwondoe, and Gokhan has been able to tailor workouts towards making me more explosive and powerful. It’s reassuring knowing that a former Olympic athlete is building my workout program, and the results definitely show in how far my athletic ability has come.  Gokhan has also helped me realize how important it is for me to take test days, and structure my workout routine in a way where my muscle groups get the proper amount of stimulation and rest.  Gokhan was also the first person to introduce me to weight lifting in early recovery and it’s become a huge part of my life.  Working with Gokhan today helps me to remember where I came from, and I’m really grateful for the results that I’m seeing and the life that I have today.

Training with Gokhan has played a massively beneficial role in my 3+ years of sobriety. From the get-go, the training sessions were challenging and pushed me perfectly physically and mentally in a positive way to establish basic strength and empower my mind that I can do anything with effort and perseverance. Early on I learned that in order to feel mentally capable of living a healthy and happy life, I needed to feel physically well and strong. From there I was able to keep building momentum and feel better every single day. Along the way Gokhan helped me improve my diet and empowered with a belief in myself that has translated into a happy and healthy lifestyle that plays a huge role in my success as a person in recovery.  I still use Gokhan’s program today and see daily improvements in my mental and physical health.


How do I get started?


After applying with coaching plan and you are accepted, you’ll have a one on one Zoom call with me and together we will deep dive into your health and wellness history, fitness background, goals, and limitations, and reasons that are holding you back.

What is the commitment for coaching?

With my coaching, I am  committed to form a deep and lasting relationships with my clients. The minimum commitment to work with a coach is 6 months, though typically clients will stay on much longer, and discounts are available for longer contracts.

How often will I communicate with my coach?

I will be checking your workout results daily throughout the week to answer any questions that come up and provide coaching notes if needed. The more information you add to your workouts in the  Trainerize app, the more I will be able to give feedback and fine tune your program.


If appropriate for you, I will also add a weekly check-in to your program to see how your training, nutrition, and lifestyle factors such as stress and sleep are going. I will also have a 30 minute Zoom call with you once per month, or 5-10 minutes weekly check ins  which is a great opportunity to dive deeper into program feedback to make sure you are liking your program.

How many workouts will I get per week?

Your training schedule will be co-created by you and my self according to what works best for you, and I will write or Record as many (or as few) workouts as you need. Depends on how you respond and results that you get, I will change your plan based on those results. 

What kind of nutrition coaching is involved?

I will NOT be putting you some crash diets nor will I be sending you cookie cutter meal plans. That for sure will set you up for a failure. Instead I will be coaching your health habits and lifestyle.

For some clients this may be simply drinking enough water and eating more slowly. For others it might be a detailed macronutrient plan. I  will be providing all the information and accountability you need to form habits that support your needs and give you the confidence to make great nourishment part of your everyday routine.
If I am a Recovering addict How would this benefit my sobriety  ? ​

Working out and taking on a healthy nutrition habits has immense  positive  effects on your moods and your physical  health. In my experience, many people with various substance use disorders i personally coached have found that exercise helps to distract them from cravings. Workouts add structure to the day. They help with forming positive social connections, and help treat depression and anxiety in combination with other therapies.


I am NOT a license therapist or sobriety  coach My involvements will be solely based on your Fitness, Nutrition and recovery methods, I will be playing a role of an accountability partner / coach. Sometimes recovering adducts  might develop  an unhealthy relationships with Fitness and Nutrition . meaning: doing too much or eating the wrong foods might be some of them. Such as from not doing anything pysical to doing 1000 push ups and burpees daily and eating only junk food to drinking only kale juice or etc.. and this kind of behavior  must be monitored and corrected  by your coach.  

What if I’m injured?

Whether you have a nagging injury from the past or a new issue just came up, I will make sure you are training safely and as pain free as possible. With your assessment  we will be able to identify the movements that you are capable  of doing it and your plan will be designed  by me based on the moves that you can execute as pain free as possible.

I will be able to program a recovery workouts and recommend lifestyle practices that promote healing, and incorporate movements to work around your injuries and strengthen you over time. There is almost always a way to keep moving safely, and I will guide you through the process so you won’t have to guess how to modify workouts on your own.


Do I need to be a competitive athlete?

I work with clients with many different backgrounds and goals. Some is competitive  professional athlete some were just a regular person just want to be able to do one push ups or pull ups and some more later on. No matter what your interests are, I will design a plan for you to reach them.