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Physical Fitness Plans
for Addiction Recovery Centers


A consistent fitness routine plays a vital role in the recovery from addiction. It not only promotes physical well-being but also promotes mental and emotional wellness. By participating in a regular fitness routine, individuals can experience improved mood, better quality of life, and promote healing of the body, especially if monitored and led by a professional in this field. 



We can design a gym for your recovery center and provide cost-effective equipment for residents to start their workouts with our beginner to advanced level plans. We can create plans for group classes or personalized fitness plans for individuals with special needs and help  educate your on-site certified trainers with the Eat Train Recover proven methods. This will not only help promote your facility as one that is a leader in the industry by providing fitness & nutrition programs for your residents, but will be a healthy way to benefit your residents in their recovery and long-term sobriety.



Sober facilities are an excellent place for addicts to become clean, sober, and recover physically and mentally, and based on our years of experience, we believe this recovery can be much more effective for them in the short and long term by incorporating a consistent fitness and nutrition program. As well, after completing their residency in recovery facilities, recovering addicts often deal with their addictions alone and sometimes relapse. AA meetings and sponsors can certainly help, but having an experienced, live health and fitness coach and accountability partner can be much more effective. Structured workout plans and constant communication can help sustain their sobriety journey.


Powered by the TRAINERIZE  Fitness App, we are able to offer personalized fitness plans tailored to each individual resident's needs. With a certified trainer, residents can create their own online account to achieve their goals, whether it's losing or gaining weight, ,building muscle, increasing energy levels, and becoming more mentally focused and positive-minded. Our clients have seen impressive results with some losing up to 100 pounds. Residents can also have a live fitness coach and accountability partner for support and encouragement to stay on track. 


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