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Updated: Aug 15

Most people are bound over food, fell in love over food, even most political decision were made over food. Food plays an extremely an important role on human psyche. I think food is a very personal thing. I bet a million bucks that your best memories are mostly swirling around food. My grandmother used to toast breads for me and my brother in her old school Turkish wood burning stove. As soon as she toasted the breads she would smear a hint of garlic and spoon full butter and would feed us.

To this day every time I eat a nice toasted bread with butter on it I remember my grand mother. Feeling the joy of eating as a little boy. As you can see food is really a personal thing for most of us and its not a fun thing to hear people telling us what we should or shouldn't eat.

Like " Don't eat grandmas toasted bread because its a "carb"

Whatever dude.

I don't believe in so called "Diets" and I don't trust that there is enough research out there. To prove only one eating style is the answer to your Optimum Health

What do i believe ?

I believe anything that after you eat makes you feel bad in your stomach, bloated, and hurts your guts shouldn't consumed too often or never. If the food you ate is not out of your system within next day latest.

It's a very simple process actually, just eat less whats is bad and eat more whats good for your body .

Thats it.

Don't be a "all or nothing" guy. Don't eat bucket of ice ream before you go to bed and when you decided to eat clean you worry about being perfect about every food.

Moderate your self and educate your self about the meaning of moderation while you are at it

But when it comes to a recovering addict it is not the same story.

Food is only acceptable and easy to get item.

i am serious: The other day I was in Walmart and i bought big jar of nutella and Mc Donalds Quoter pounder burger along with my personal favorite 5 dollar bucket of ice cream.

I am holding all these junk food on my lap and approaching to a checker.

And i know that no one will stop me . "


Is anyone going to stop me ???

thats exactly what i was thinking in me head .

Because I am going to eat all these junk and mess up my stomach and my mood for the next god knows how many days.

After all its legal right ?

Unfortunately apart from stop using drugs also not to be able to eat your favorite junk is sometimes might feel like a punishment for an addict.

Because first weeks or even months or maybe years of recovery most addicts tent to crave sugar and sugary energy drinks and mix of sugar and salt.. Because thats is the "only stimulation" that is available. to them and its legal right ?


What what do we do ?

Educating your self while you are in recovery might be the best thing you can do for your recovery.

Your body will need all the nutrition it needs. After all you been eating junk and using drugs.

Early stages of your recovery process, first two -three mounts body will seek stimulations and comforts. Food is usually the first thing an addict get comforts from. This is the reason gaining too much weight or loosing too much weight is very common in the early stages of your Recovery

Substance abuse and poor nutrition habits usually go hand in hand.

When you are in recovery it is important to nourish the body by choosing high nutritional content foods that can help to reduce mental fogginess, tiredness, anxiety and depression. Healthy, clean eating will also dramatically reduce inflammation, aches, and pains in the body while greatly increasing your energy level.

Food is not something that you can avoid it. What and how much you eat plays a tremendous factor for your recovery.

Being active and eating clean high nutrition content foods is the best thing that you can do for your self while in recovery.

Eat Train Recover we believe that the best diet is the one you can sustain and enjoy at the same time.

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