When I was 14 Years old I had an epiphany about life. I started running track but didn’t  really start to become really good until I was 15 years old. Around my 15th birthday I had a horrible day and that day everything potentially could go bad was going bad. 


My stress and insecurity levels were so high that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. That day I prayed to god to take all these negative energies and horrible depressive moods away . I guess god heard me and granted my wish because that day i had a track practice and i was in no mood to go do the workout but i am very glad that i went because 15 minutes into jogging i started to feel like i was a superman and i could do anything, my creativity   was flourishing  and my insecurities was fading away from me. 


I then realized that at that point working out was the best and most effective depression medication. And that point on I made a promise to my-self to workout at least 5 days a week for the rest of my life because I never wanted to feel like that again.


Working out not only gave a stronger and healthier pain free body and also gave a healthy brain as well. 


At the age 18 ( 24 Years Ago ) right after breaking my home country's national track records in 100 and 200 m sprinting I received a full scholarship from Northern  Arizona University and received  my degree in Business Hospitality.


I worked in beautiful venues and hotels, managed hotels and got married, became an American.. All these thanks to my working out and keeping my life in balance because  of my love for exercising. 


Unfortunately  no matter what happens in your life no matter how much you workout life might get to you as long as you don't give up. After battling with long time unhappiness I did what I call soul inventory and try to find out why I was not happy and not enjoying life as much as I should because  i really had everything that I needed from my life. What I realized that i had all that but i was not being giving and grateful, Gratitude and Giving other I believe liberals us from our own deons and insecurities, I decided to do that point on only things that gives me gratitude and joy and i wanted to do this with what i have with where i was, So decided quit my job and focus in Fitness Coaching but i wanted to be more than just a guy that trains people or athletes i wanted to make a difference, So i decided that helping people that are recovering drug and alcohol addictions and my goal was to show them that working out correctly might give them 

Eat Train Recover Was Created for A Reason. The idea of creating Eat Train Recover started  5 Years ago after developing a Health and Fitness Plan for a Men’s Structured Sober Living facility  in my hometown of beautiful Santa Ynez, California. I have had the privilege of being the Private Fitness & Wellness Coach during and after their recovery for hundreds of men and youth in this program and have seen first-hand the life-changing results that this program has had on all of their lives as well as their families!

As I have had the privilege of working in a long-term, live-in treatment program, the residents that were in the program were there for more than 200-400 days and sometimes years, and as a result, I get the chance to see them continually improve physically and mentally throughout their stay and it has been a blessing to get to be part of their Recovery Journey.


It is the most fulfilling job I have ever had in my life. It’s been amazing to watch those checking into the program as an alcoholic, overweight and unhealthy overall, and leaving the place 50 pounds leaner, or coming in underweight recovering from a drug addiction and gaining at least 40lbs of solid muscle, leaving the place fit, strong, healthy and most-importantly sober.

Seeing them not even able lift a 10 pounds and walking out of the program doing 40 pounds of dumbbell curls was very inspiring to me. 

After witnessing this over and over again, I knew that I was changing someone’s son, husband, father, or brother’s life and making an impact in this world. All the changes I have witnessed proved to me that exercising properly while in Recovery is one of the most important things that you can give it to yourself. Paired with proper nutrition to heal and strengthens the body and mind, the immediate and long-term results speak for themselves-- FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH...

Each of these workout programs and nutrition plans are simple to follow and require little to no equipment. I will guide you through the workouts with a schedule to follow, videos, workout and nutrition logs and daily journals, to keep you going and on track for results! The fitness programs are designed to work with the beginner to the advanced athletes and will focus on mind-body health, mental focus, pain recovery, functional strength, muscle building, core strength & stability, flexibility, and most-importantly recovery.