We will be using our online platform to raise awareness  to help as many  addicts as possible that are financially suffering and finding them a suitable sober living homes by incoprarating our Eat Train Recover scholarship program. 
Also our E-Books sales  will be Donating 20% of its sales to Eat Train Recover Scholarship Program.
By purchasing one of our E-Books or services or Donating you are not only helping yourself for a healthier and stronger body & mind but also helping someone that in need, someone that wants to be sober but doesn’t have the resources to do it.​​ 
After having apporipiate  Donation amount. We will be placing the person who is indeed to one of our like minded partners facility. 
From my experience, I have found that insecurity and a lack of self-confidence bring about fears, frustrations, and depression. However, if your nature changes to selfless concern for the welfare of others, you will experience calmness, a sense of inner strength, and self-confidence.  -Dalai Lama-