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Gokhan Filiz, founder of Eat Train Recover, is a certified fitness coach based in Santa Barbara, California. He has a unique goal of promoting healthy and active lifestyles for both athletes and recovering addicts, helping them to become better physically and mentally. His personal experience with addiction and his background as a national record holding athlete in Track have given him the expertise to train hundreds of athletes and recovering addicts for more than a decade.

Gokhan believes that exercise and proper nutrition have a spectrum of benefits that are incredibly beneficial to addicts in recovery, both physically and mentally. He has learned what works and what doesn't for each individual based on their sport, fitness, and recovery journey.


He has found that the same methods of fitness and techniques for recovery that he uses for athletes can also be applied when working with recovering addicts, benefiting both in specific ways.

The Eat Train Recover program was designed specifically with these benefits in mind, incorporating strength training to build muscles and create longevity, balance training for the brain, and active rest and recovery for overall wellness. Additionally, the program provides delicious and nutritious meal plans, which aid in healing and strengthening the body and mind. The unique, custom fitness, nutrition, and recovery plans are designed to improve clients' fitness, health, and overall well-being

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