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 Our mission is to empower people to take ownership of their health by implementing Fitness, Nutrition & Recovery  Methods into their life .


Hi' I am Gokhan Filiz the founder of Eat Train Recover.


California, Santa Barbara based company promoting Active Lifestyle for your physical  and mental health by incorporating Fitness, Nutrition and Recovery methods.


I have launched the Eat Train Recover as a way to bring comprehensive and useful daily Fitness & Recovery  Plans to  everyone.

After training people for 20 plus years and working with hundreds of athletes and recovering addicts , I've come to understanding that managing your recovery is the key to improving your physical  l health and longevity

I have developed a better approach to providing you with carefully designed fitness, nutrition and recovery plans for a better and healthier body and mind.


If you are an athlete, or any one that want to get physically and mentally  stronger and be the best version of themselves then this program is for you.



Secret to longevity, Fit Body, healthier & happy life always starts with what kind of foods that you consume.With our carefully designed meal planning and delicious food recipes you will not only enjoy the foods that you consume you will also nourish your body while building your physique and mind.


Quality of your life depends on how much and how correctly you move  your body throughout the day. Exercise is an evidence- based treatment for depression and anxiety With our Online Workout Plans, we are committed to give you the best and knowledgeable workouts ever designed. 



SLEEP BREATHWORKS - Talk about not needing foam rolls and etc.. ice baths are fine but  can be without it as well



reduce stress stress less 

Sleep, Stress Management & Recovery

You'll go far beyond surface-level advice and dig into the physiology and psychology of how our bodies respond to stress, as well as how they naturally heal and grow.


With our carefully designed Active Recovery plans you will not only fully recover your body from your activities you will also build more muscle and get toned due to your correctly designed recovery management by coach 

these recovery techniques will not only help your pysical recovery will also greatly benefit your Drug and alchol drug along with your work outs